If you build it they will feed!

Source Code

The Feeder's Raspberry Pi is running the Raspbian distribution. The Feeder Tweeter software is developed in Python and uses RPi.GPIO to communicate with the Raspberry Pi's GPIO sensors.

We have open sourced the code for this project under the BSD license. You can download it from the project's git repository. The included README file cover general setup and configuration topics.

Hardware List

Below is a list of the hardware we are using in the current Feeder Tweeter. We've also included some links to where you might purchase these items from. Of course if you already have similiar parts or think you have something that might work even better then feel free to experiment. The announcement post goes into more detail on the selection and usage of these parts.

  1. Bird Feeder
  2. Raspberry Pi (Model A)
  3. Wireless USB Adapter
  4. Silicone Glue
  5. Raspberry Pi Camera Module
  6. Enclosure
  7. PC Board
  8. Solar Panels
  9. Battery
  10. On/Off Toggle Switch
  11. Momentary Pushbutton Switch
  12. LEDs - 1 red and 1 green. Any type will do.

Breadboarding Diagram

To help with wiring the source code includes a fritzing breadboard sketch.

breadboard view

Reach Out

If you build your own Feeder Tweeter we'd love to know about it. Drop us a line!